Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 8

Being driven around a massive city has its advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages- I have a hard time remembering where things are, I don't know where we are headed, and I'm not in control. Advantages are that I don't have control, can people watch like crazy, can watch people in broad daylight smoke crack, see all the amazing green trees without worrying about rear-ending someone, can take a nap, or can pay close attention to all the amazing varieties, colors, graffitti, and placement of the street art that this city holds. It is completely mind blowing how much talent or effort, in those cases with less talent come from this city.

One such artist who may fit into either category as I have not yet put out my verdict is FINOK. I would put up a video of his but I feel that he already has too much self promotion as is. So I would say google him: finok sao paulo video and judge for yourself. Please leave your comments when you are finished.

The guy is up EVERYWHERE and in some cases like along certain parts of the main highway every 15 feet. All day today i was spotting his stuff. I have a feeling I will see him around some day. Photo credit: CH. Subject: FINOK tag run over by a car

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