Saturday, May 8, 2010

São Paulo:day 5

Day 5 we woke up at her parent's place and went outside to the feira (street market) it was her sister's birthday so we needed to buy avocado (abacaxi) and tomato for Cata's guacamole -and eat a little something for ourselves. Literally outside of her building lined up and down the street were the fruit and food stalls and the vendors yelling loudly, smiling sincerely, and earning their living. This feira was smaller than the other one previously mentioned, but, there were avocados the size of a toddler's head. and they were being sold each for the equivalent of 60 cents. The funny thing is the guy selling them is probably used to them only in this size. I will never get sick of the sheer impressiveness of the produce here. It must be in the way they farm. They aren't going for perfect uniform size or looks but flavor and quality. I value this. We ate pastel (a fried filled pastry- mine: cheese and her: palm heart)-and drank sugar cane, spearmint, and pineapple blended juice as we walked. I saw the same blind man from the other street market. He is a dead ringer for ray charles and not because he doesn't see. He just has that smile and warmth. I hope I keep seeing him. I'd like to know him.

Later that night we went to where I usually sleep- to the flat and they started preparing for Andréa's birthday party. Cata made the guacamole-not a brazilian dish- as her father joked that it looked like "vomito" but tasted like the smooth creamy, chunky, perfectly seasoned dip I am used to. It was a hit with the guests as it was gone by the end of the night. We had a huge dinner with multiple barbecued fish, seafood soup, kimchi, rice, brazilian broccoli, the corn from the other day, and at the end fruit- then the chocolate mousse cake that we picked up earlier. It was a nice dinner and it was a pleasure to see Andréia's wonderful fiance and meet her friends.

Later we went to a bar that reminded me of the patio from HOME a restaurant in Los Feliz, Los Angeles but twice the size. I'm told I would really like the area as it is a center for underground art, music, and food. I agree I will have to explore it soon in the coming days. It might be the place I am looking for to build our business and call home.

love to my friends and family,



  1. This is so amazing! Do you have a digital camera? I want to see pictures of this avocado the size of a toddler's head. Everything sounds so lively and colorful.

  2. sweet! can't wait to see it in person..gotta sock away those dollars and yen!