Friday, May 7, 2010

São Paulo:day 3

It was again a great day. We woke up and went and ate some breakfast and had a coffee at a nearby place, and went to pick up some groceries. The coffee shop was relaxing. Cata's dad is good company. While sitting there I saw a bicyclist commuting to work on his road bike. So it isn't unheard of. I would say these are easily the most dangerous streets I have seen to ride a bicycle in. I have been warned numerous times thus far, but I need to get riding again.

Later i joined Cata to go have Feijoada with her aunt and grandmother. It was nice, we talked about all sorts of things and the wedding. I noticed that my Japanese ability is phasing out, I hope it doesn't disappear altogether, because I would really like to communicate with my friend in Japan. At the moment I need to concentrate on portuguese. her grandmother and I before communicated solely in Japanese and she was able to do so because the Japanese had invaded the Korean penninsula when she was in school and was forced to speak the language.

later on I met some of Cata's father's friends and we played guitar. They taught me some Otis Redding songs and I taught them Cortez the Killer. I went to bed to the sounds of celebration as the local futbol team won and fireworks went off throughout the night.

lots of love to my family and friends,


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