Monday, May 10, 2010

days 6 and 7

yesterday was a mall type of a day. We woke up and it was raining malteses and greyhounds. We went to "the shopping" This was different from the malls I am used to in the states this was a mutli floored, lower ceiling, and exceedingly expensive as anything from the states had a 50% mark up. The staff were friendly and helpful as we went from here to there stopping to look at all sorts of things. I have never seen women shop like this. Well back to the mall, there were many people of al shapes and sizes with a large amount of them mostly the guys wearing clothes that were too tight, too polo'd, too silkscreened, and too young for them. It was pretty hilarious. Photos will come eventually. next time I will be with camera. I went into many of the shops and noticed that a lot of the brazlian desinged stuff was well made but the men's clothing was just a little off where nothing was exactly right. I won't be buying clothes here it looks like- mostly due to the price and the fact that i just can't do polo shirts with numbers on them. The women's clothing options were impressive where the designs varied dramatically from young ladies, to evening wear, to casual. The brazilian designs were edgier than expected and I notice that just like in Tokyo many of the women went with it.

Highlights: Ping Pong dim sum
lowlights: none

Day 7

Today started out great, woke up about 9 got ready in a hurry and had homemade sandwiches again with orange juice and green tea that gets better the second glass so I'm told.

We went to mass in the oldest building in Sao Paulo. It is the oldest structure in South America- this might be contested. Although parts had been rebuilt it was a perfect blend of old and new where none of the new elements took away from the high wooden arched ceiling, steel organ, choir singing, and the priest's song. It was so nice that I will probably come back again. A refreshing, modestly designed, classic architecture paired white tiles with blue images of saints, with dark wood pews that we functional and not elaborate. The simplicity of the structure really makes it feel good and the parishoners there were equally welcoming. peace be with you.

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